Passes & Performers


Stacey Axler

Stacey Axler is an offbeat standup comedian based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Stacey performs on Thursday, May 31st at 8pm

Kiki Anderson


Kiki Andersen is a Baltimore-based comedian. She does a lot comedy standing up. She is also the founder of Super Sketchy Humans, Baltimore’s only full-time sketch team. She is an improv performer on BIG’s conservatory program and a member of Charm City Comedy Project’s house team, Banana Phone. When she is not doing comedy, she is writing raps about her roommate, a tuxedo cat named Linguini.

Kiki Anderson performs on Thursday, May 31st at 8pm



“I’m BABS and this is my best friend, BABS. We host a daytime talk show called ‘BABSOLUTELY.’ We need YOU to give us a topic to talk about! Thank you Barbra Streisand for everything.”

BABS performs on Friday, June 1st at 8pm

Blair Baker

Blair Baker is a female comic from central Florida. She started comedy at the age of only 19 and by 21 she was traveling to cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, and New York City to preform stand up. Her body positive attitude mixed with irreverent comedy style, always makes for a sun and shocking evening. Now at the age of 22, she is living in Orlando,Florida! She recently got accepted into Orlando Indie Comedy Festival as well.

Blair Baker performs at 7pm on Friday, June 1st


Bosstel performs a super fast and fun show in the Gator format!

Bosstel performs at 8pm on Friday, June 1st 

Tiffany Cain

Born in St. Louis, MO, and raised in Maryland, Tiffany Cain is a DC-based comedian and improviser that has been a donkey magnet since puberty. She attracts many strange and interesting creatures and loves to tell stories about her interaction with them. What you see as comedy, is a description of normal everyday life for Tiffany.

Tiffany Cain performs at 7pm on Friday, June 1st

The Cast


Follow around the cast and crew of a [one-night-only / improvised-just-for-you / that’s-right-entirely-made-up] play, as they move from on-stage to off, and in and out of “character.” Will the theatrical star-crossed lovers be secret off-stage enemies? Will the stage manager die halfway through the production, leaving the cast cue-less and clue-less? Will the entire original cast get horrible food poisoning so that the play must be performed entirely by understudies? All of this – AND MORE – might happen! Come for the fake play. Stay for the fake players. Directed by Hannah Chase.

The Cast performs on Saturday, June 2nd at 9pm

Charmed Possibilities

Your favorite witches from Remote Possibilities will be presenting a TV show in the style of Charmed!

Charmed Possibilities performs at 7pm on Thursday, May 31st

Clamour of Harpies


Clamour of Harpies performs on Saturday, June 2nd at 7pm

CommuniKate: Artalive!

“Eat, Pray, Improv” in this tender, funny, genre-busting summer rosé of a show. Fresh off performing at Chicago’s Second City, “CommuniKate”Artalive!” is the fruit of trilingual improvisor Kate Billingsleys’ 7 years in France and Spain. Ms. Billingsley improvises characters based upon an audience members’ favorite painter, weaving in information about the painters’ life and work. Take a European vacation in Europe for under $20.00!

CommuniKate: Artalive! performs at 9pm on Thursday, May 31st

Francesca D’Uva

High energy, theatrical girl talks about her life and experiences in a funny, theatrical way. Shakira, dinner, bottles of water…nothing is too personal or too out there for her.

Francesca D’Uva performs at 8pm on Friday, June 1st

Dream Spooners


Dream Spooners has been on the DC-Maryland-Virginia scene since 2015 and featured at Washington Improv Theater’s (WIT) Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (X & XI), WIT’s Improvapalooza, WIT’s Seasonal Disorder, Dojo Comedy Club, Colony Club, Highwood Theatre, Charm City Comedy Project, and Under St. Mark’s Theater in NYC. Inspired by trash-talk and cheap beer, a Dream Spooners show is heartfelt and unpretentious. This disarming longform comedy begins and ends in the bedroom, while sliding in topsy-turvy misadventures by two cheeky performers who like to make boys cry and ladies swoon.

Dream Spooners performs at 9 pm on Saturday, June 2

Elizabeth Norman

Elizabeth Norman is a stand-up comedian with a background in sketch comedy. Native to Baltimore, she has been performing live comedy for audiences since in 2012, in her first season as a member of Kenyon College’s sketch comedy team Beyond Therapy. Bolstered by her experience in writing and acting for Beyond Therapy shows, Elizabeth made the leap to stand-up in 2015, while on summer break back in Baltimore. After finishing up her senior year in Ohio, Elizabeth returned full time to Baltimore in May 2016 and has been performing stand-up regularly since then, throughout Baltimore and D.C. as well as Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Elizabeth Norman performs at 9pm on Saturday, June 1st

Fallopian Tudes

5 female members of the Baltimore improv community doing improv things.

Fallopian Tudes perform at 7pm on Thursday, May 31st

Future Wives

Future Wives is a New York-based, super silly trio who understand that life is a balancing act between comedy and slumber parties.

Future Wives performs on Saturday, June 2nd at 7pm

Christine Ferrera

Christine Ferrera is an American triathlete, comedian and mother of eight (goldfish). She performs darkly absurd stand-up in clubs, conference rooms and crawl spaces internationally and has appeared as a peripheral character in several Nora Ephron films in her mind. She describes her comedy style as, “self-deprecating Third-wave Feminism.” Christine has performed at the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, Thunderfest and Amsterdam Fringe Festival, among many others. Her work has appeared on NPR’s The Story, WYPR’s The Signal as well as several podcasts including, You/Me/Them/Everybody, Digression Sessions and Learn To Take A Joke. She was recently a featured performer on Wham City Comedy’s (Adult Swim/IFC) national tour. Ferrera’s book about her decade-long correspondence with Starbucks Coffee Company, Starbux Diary, was included in City Paper’s Top 10 Baltimore Books of 2015 and described as, “Hilariously personal.” She lives and works and eats and prays and loves in Baltimore, USA.

Christine Ferrara performs on Thursday, May 31st at 8pm

Mary Jane French

Mary Jane French is a Comedian and Filmmaker based in Richmond, Virginia, who has opened for national headlining comedians Neil Hamburger, Cameron Esposito, Brandie Posey, and Sara Schaefer. Mary Jane has been performing Stand-up since she was 18-years-old, with a brief hiatus after accepting her need to transition from Male to Female. When Mary Jane began performing stand-up again, now publicly as a trans woman, she began cultivating material that captured her early experiences with transition and recorded that material in a home-made special entitled Mary Jane French: Bearded Woman. Mary Jane’s sophomore release is a split EP, Live at Gallery 5, where she does all of her material that she knew wouldn’t apply after she received bottom surgery. Currently Mary Jane is Producing a series of comedy variety shows

Mary Jane French performs at 7pm on Friday, June 1st

Nicki Fuchs


Smart and silly, Nicki is not afraid to speak her truths and welcomes you to laugh along with her at the ridiculousness we all live in day to day. Her comedy is made up of ironic truthful stories that come from her stranger than fiction real life. Nicki started performing stand up comedy after graduating with a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. Nicki performs across the United States with regular stops in Baltimore, D.C., Virginia, L.A., Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco and New York. A welcomed guest at the Improv in D.C., Nicki was also a finalist in the 2014 Baltimore’s New Comedian of the year at the Baltimore Comedy Factory. Nicki was chosen to perform at Artscape 2016 and 2017 in Baltimore, as well as the 2016 Black Friday Comedy Marathon put on by the Philadelphia Improv Theatre. Other comedy festivals include What a Joke Festival 2016 and 2017 Charm City Comedy Festival. She has also hosted for John Witherspoon at The Hartford Funny Bone in Connecticut. Most recently, she opened the Dirty at 12:30 Comedy Show in Las Vegas.

Nicki performs on Thursday, May 31st at 8pm

Sara Geimer

Sara Geimer is a stand-up comedian from Orlando, FL. She has performed at a variety of venues in Central Florida including the Orlando Improv, Groucho’s at Club 52, and SAK Comedy Lab. She was a finalist in the Real Radio Monsters in the Morning Comedian of the Year competition and is frequently featured on the radio show “Real Laughs” on 104.1 FM (Orlando). She is a voice actor for numerous radio programs and is currently working on the pilot for a Comedy Central animated series.

Sara Geimer performs at 7pm on Friday, June 1st

Gin Girls

A sisterhood forged on the mean streets of NYC, this trio of babes will shock and awe as they build a world peopled with hilarious characters in front of your eyes and then proceed to blow it all up.

Gin Girls performs at 8pm on Friday, June 1st

Women of Gus

High-energy, fact-paced improv comedy!

Women of Gus performs on Friday, June 1st at 10pm

Violet Gray

Nerdy and political standup

Violet Gray performs at 8pm on Friday, June 1st



Four blonde improvisers. Batteries not included.

IUDivas performs at 9pm on Thursday, May 31st

IO Duarte

IO Duarte is a queer comic based out of Frederick, MD, who loves uses comedy as a way to talk out the many, many feelings wade through daily. They have a podcast called All Dogs Go To Hollywood, and are a frequent contributor to the taped live show The Last Hurrah. They are also a company member at the Maryland Ensemble Theater.

IO Duarte performs on Thursday, May 31st at 8pm

Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson has been performing stand up in DC and Baltimore for the past 3 years, her act focuses on her experiences as a queer latina in a conversational format

Hannah Jackson performs at 7pm on Friday, June 1st

Steph Joyal

Stephanie Joyal is a comedian, activist, and community organizer. They recently opened for Rhea Butcher as part of the Freeze Peach Comedy Series at the Creative Alliance, of which they are founder and co-organizer. In 2017, they co-organized the Baltimore chapter of the What A Joke National Comedy Festival benefiting the ACLU; and most recently, they have been building The Undercroft, a community arts center and venue opening in Baltimore this summer.

Steph Joyal performs on Saturday, June 2nd at 8pm

Ladies All Stars

As a woman-owned business, Charm City Comedy Project strives to make a mark on the community by promoting women in comedy as much as possible – and the creation of the CCCP Ladies All-Stars in 2014 was only the beginning. Any woman who is a member of the Project can play, which also fits into CCCP’s mission of inclusivity. In March of 2017, Ladies All Stars got a permanent monthly show when CCCP debuted new ladies standup, improv, and sketch show Born This Way. They currently run HellNOKCupid, an input-in-pocket format created by founder Megan Wills.

Ladies All-Stars performs at 7 pm on Thursday, May 31st

Laura Manasewich

Laura Manasewich is the host of the monthly Stand Up Showcase at Sea Tea Comedy Theater, in Hartford, CT where she also hosts the monthly Improv Mixer and performs improv regularly. Laura has performed comedy at festivals throughout much of the east coast and beyond.

Laura Manasewich performs at 8pm on Saturday, June 2nd

Mom Jeans

Pull your jeans up—way up—and get ready to see some mom-inspired improv!

Mom Jeans performs on Friday, June 1st at 10pm

Natalie McGill

Natalie McGill is a stand up comic and journalist who is currently an on-air correspondent and writer for the political satire show Redacted Tonight on RT America. She has opened for comics such as Judah Friedlander and Sasheer Zamata, and has performed for the 2 Dope Queens podcast, Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival and District of Comedy Festival. You can follow her on Twitter at @NatalieSMcGill.

Natalie McGill performs on Friday, June 1st at 7pm


The women of OLGA (Jen and Pam) have seen very few movies. We perform a monoscene and ask for a title of an audience member’s favorite movie (that we’ve never seen) + two character names from that film + a favorite moment of the story. We then perform an improvised scene from that movie.

OLGA performs on Friday, June 1st at 10pm

The Quitters

This ladies-only improv troupe knows exactly how to quit you.

Robo Twinz

People often ask us, “Are you Robots? Are you Twins?” The answer to both is YES. Come watch as a group of intergenerational Robot Twins perform improv.

Robo Twinz performs at 9pm on Thursday, May 31st

Chelsea Shorte

Originally from Richmond, VA, Chelsea discovered comedy as a way to stave off the boredom of being a beautiful twenty-something. Since first taking the stage as a stand up in early 2011, she has flourished in the local DC stand up comedy scene, playing venues like the DC Improv, Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse, and the Kennedy Center. Her material ranges from riffs on the low bar for allyship to dating or even pythons in the Everglades. It is all inspired by Chelsea’s life and her life as a queer woman of color whose performances can be enjoyed by everyone.

Chelsea Shorte performs at 8pm on Saturday, June 2nd

Jill Silva

Producer and host of Bob’s Comedy Jive, Jill Silva is a Tacoma comedian who’s been hopping around the Pacific Northwest comedy scene for the past two and half years, a guppy in an unfathomably large humor pond. Her comedy is slice-oh-life veracious anecdotes spliced with dark quips sometimes told while lying down.

Jill Silva performs at 9pm on Friday, June 1st

Surprise Party w/Keisha Zollar

Surprise Party is a team of improvisers who believe strongly in the comedic value deception. Just when you think a show is over .. they’ll perform another set! Just when you think a show won’t have props in it … they’ll bring props into the show! Just when you think you solved that pesky identify-theft issue… it’ll turn out that it was Surprise Party who actually stole your identity and they pinned it on the guy you had arrested as part of one of their crazy shows!

Surprise Party performs on Saturday, June 2nd at 7pm


First there was Julia, then there was Kim. They were alone until they found each other. Now they are Synched.

Synched performs at 9pm on Thursday, May 31st



T-Mooney is a Baltimore-based comedian who has performed at the Baltimore Comedy Festival and Artscape, and also runs a local open mic

T-Mooney performs on Saturday, June 2nd at 8pm